Gamenomics – Gamifying Stock Investments

Economics is a fascinating subject! As an Innovation Evangelist, I’m drawn to see the possibilities of innovation through the economic paradigm. In this article, I explore one such business innovation anchored around economics and the genius application of gamification for the same! When an economy grows, its financial sector grows faster. In the financial services […]

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Meet Up Mustafa

“An Evening filled with Fresh Food for Thought!” Meet up with the Fresh Food industry king, P C Mustafa It was a busy Wednesday afternoon, in Whitefield, Bangalore. Around 40 entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts waited impatiently in the bright and hustling breakout area of ‘The Hive’ co-working space.  They didn’t have to wait much; just

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Creativity: A Surfboard to Navigate the Troubled Waters!

“ You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou For the last few weeks the topic of discussions, memes, forwards, jokes, news, updates, reports, etc. has been mostly on the current pandemic global crisis. A few smart business enthusiasts have proactively come up with products and services,

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